Mountains as Powerful Teachers of Krishna's Greatness, Our Insignificance

La Quinta MountainsThe mountains are so prominent in the La Quinta area, and I am thinking of all the reasons they are so captivating to me. It is also typical that many people are oblivious to them, as much as they don’t take lessons from the sun-- that each new sunrise brings them closer to death. Regardless, I feel even the smaller ones close to the house are massive, ancient, and expressive of great wisdom. They appear like a huge pile of boulders and rocks that fell from the sky at the beginning of time, or like the mountains on the moon, or I say jokingly, like “dry cow dung”. Standing like eternal sentinels they witness the rise and fall of civilizations, laughing at the current attempt to turn the desert into “paradise”.

Primal Scream, Spiritual Joy

Self decepton

Perhaps most poignantly and important in this story
of a son and mother estranged, yet reconciled at the end
is the fact that one’s conditioning needs to be understood
and we can’t make much progress if we deny or repress
our pain or resentment, anger, or unresolved issues
hiding behind the banner of spiritual advancement.

Krishna's Perfect Arrangements

Truth in pictures
I have been thinking for many years that I would be with my mom when she was nearing the end of her life and thus naturally when she was “leaving her body” (Krishna devotee “lingo” for dying, since there is no death). However, it was mysterious how this might come to pass. Not being a “doer” type it seemed wishful thinking due to our being on opposite sides of the country and mainly since we were very estranged. This is a long story of course with fault on both our parts, yet in spite of this fact, and likely helped by her appreciation of my wife, we affectionately spoke on weekly calls, and she steadily helped us in many ways.

Seeing Material Miseries in a Positive Light

Our general conditioned tendency is to see the world—the things and people in it—as meant for our personal enjoyment and the utility of our selfish purpose. Although scientists may tout the scientific method and objective research they can’t escape seeing the world selfishly. Some may be selfless to an extent and be motivated to benefit others, yet the indirect goal is still personal satisfaction (to feel good by helping others). Or one may extend one’s self into others—groups, countries or perhaps all humanity—and work for their collective selfish interests, or to free them from disease or old disease so they can enjoy themselves free from misery. Is this the highest form of giving?

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Questions and Answers

In this next part of the Japa Retreat, Bhurijana dasa discusses questions and answers from the participants.

Kind To Those Surrendered To Him

Hare Krishna. Today is the first day of a very important month, its the month which will be celebrated the appearance day of Lord Nrsimhadeva. We all know that kids like to pray to this specific form of the Lord and because I have boys they usually pray for the Lord every day and also when they see I am feeling sick they pray so the Lord can protect me and the family.

Kids in the kitchen at Janmashtami


This year let show you how to celebrate Janmashtami with your family by getting together in the kitchen to make delicious snacks.

Kids of all ages will enjoy making these easy and fun recipes with the help of their parents, and everyone will learn how to offer them to Krishna.

How to Celebrate Janmashtami

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How to Celebrate Janmashtami

* What is Janmashtami?

* How is Janmashtami Celebrated?

* How to Celebrate Janmashtami at Home

* Celebrating Janmashtami with the Staff

What is Janmashtami?

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