Catching a Glimpse of a Soul Perspective

A glimer of light
Sometimes we catch a glimpse of a deep realization. We may call them “realizations” but they aren’t if they don’t last and make a permanent impact on our life. Thus I called it a glimpse. While chanting this morning I had some understanding of my tiny insignificance, the degree of my fallen condition in comparison to my eternal spiritual, blissful nature. If only this small beam of light would be part of my total, and permanent enlightened state! Whatever it is, I am grateful for any glimpse of truth. Deep, spiritual, eternal humility comes from realizing the greatness of Krishna who is compared to the grandest sun, and seeing the disparity to our spark-like existence. To our false ego this doesn’t sound very flattering, yet spiritually it is a blissful understanding, and materially a great relief!
Mechanical body

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My brain is spinning with amazement after watching the video of Citra Kavitvani from ISKCON's Sanskrit School. Simply mind blowing. [18:51:39]

Meditation on Seeing Krishna in All Things

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Peacock fan

Be Krishna conscious
thinking how to remember him always
connecting our life, work,
family and the world.
Materially what we want, fear, or dislike
is a manifestation of Krishna as his energy
seen as our karma, yet representing his power as
the Oversoul, Permitter, Source and Controller.

Flowers are The Jewels of Kali-yuga!

Flowers decorate our Deities
Prabhupada commented that “flowers are the jewels of Kali-yuga” in relationship to Deity worship. He didn’t want us to use valuable jewels as that would encourage people to steal from the Deities. In fact many of the British “crown jewels” were taken from Temple Deities in India. This is another of the many reasons for the demise of the British “empire” which is a huge topic.
Incredible magnolias

In another sense we can see flowers as jewels because they are very priceless in terms of their beauty, inspiring our awe and sense of aesthetics and connection to Krishna as the Source of all opulent, beautiful and mighty things. We can’t make flowers that can compare with those that are grown, and for that we have to depend on Krishna’s natural laws.

Hare Krishna Miniature Goat Farm Opening day


Mother Sarasvati after years of research studied various venues of approaching the public with spiritual culture.

“We need something that simply attracts the heart, and what is more attractive that a cute little miniature pygmy goat”

Listening for Spring

only a few buds on the trees
Walking to my favorite secluded spot
down the hill by the stream
to listen or try to listen
to Spring’s whispering awakening—
the early bulbs blooming
some trees budding
creating a certain scent
in the air and a feeling.

Rāmānanda Das, Born March 19th 2010

Rāmānanda Das Granger and Krishna MangalaRāmānanda Das Granger & mebefore

Ramayana – the drama - performed at Kalachandji’s

Everyone together

Stop and Smell the Roses: Using Technology or Being Used by It

Just kids talking?
We have heard the expression to “stop and smell the roses”. This is an old expression, perhaps from before the industrial age, yet it is even more important today, because we may ask, "What roses?". The pace and pressures of the modern, lighting fast world make us dependent on electronic devises that obscure our connection with Nature and the Source of Nature, God or Shri Krishna. Our attention is channeled into man-made arenas which have little relevance to life’s significant existential questions. In many cases we live primarily in a virtual world where virtual things are what we think are important. Of course it depends on us if we can use the things of the world for some higher purpose or are used by them. What determines this is our orientation toward life, the reason for our existence and what we give our attention to.

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The Rāmāyana play was great, everyone did so well. Jāya Śrī Śrī Sīta Rāma! [03:54:38]

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