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Our True Postion Revealed with Disease, Old Age and Death

Book of lifeReducing life to its basic components as old age takes away what we have for years taken for granted. My mom lays down unable to do most things unassisted. Now getting up to go the toilet is a major, challenging, strenuous event! Her life is defined by scheduled meal times and calling for assistance in basic maintenance of the body. It seems that the more self contained and independent one was, the harder it is to be in a helpless condition. Actually we are always dependent on God, but due to our material ignorance we think we are the master of all we survey. Krishna kindly teaches us (if we are ready to listen) our true position through the gradual demise of our power in body and mind as well as our ability to influence and act.

The Lord Provideth, The Lord Taketh Away

Too many cigs
As My mom lies in the hospice, slowly fading away, I clean her kitchen of years of her smoking habit (which has brought her to this point by the law of cause and effect). She smoked while leaning on one spot on the kitchen counter, resulting in the discoloring of that cabinet into a sickly, slimy, yucky yellow brown color. Just imagine how her lungs look! I have to scrub it repeatedly, and then I open the cabinet doors to find discolored dishes. I have a lot of work to do just to make her house livable.

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"I hate it when you are with MC Hammer and he wont let you touch anything!!" RT from Katelyn [05:07:47]

Sri Sri Chhota Radha Kalachandji back in Dallas after 30 years[01:50:06]

Contrasts--Worldly Disappointment, Spiritual Hope

The beauty of the desert
such a feeling of duality yet awe
at powerful, desolate mountains
mild weather and flowers all around
Spring being in full bloom,
contrasts with my heavy heart

Putting God on Life's Center Stage

Nevada landscapeMade a connecting flight in Dallas/Fort Worth, and I am now at 33,000 feet. I have 1/3 of the journey to go, as we fly over rugged terrain broken up by roads, small hills, a few towns, an occasional river with the muddy color of spring rains. The straightness of many roads, reflecting the organizing brain of human beings seems like such a contrast to rolling hills, jagged mountains, windy rivers and puffy clouds.

Not Bollywood Bhishma

A few weeks ago we had a wonderful time due the visit of His Holiness Gunagrahi Goswami.

Maharaja kindly agreed to speak at the monthly Bhagavatam chapter study program.  It is a study that we started a year ago and will probably take 28 years to finish being that there are over 300 chapters in the Srimad Bhagavatam.

Remembering my Youthful Fear of Non-existence

jet I am on a plane heading to see my Mom in Palm Springs California in the US who is gravely ill. For the next few days or week I will be sharing my reflections and thoughts.

There is a strong power in being clear about our intentions. In my case my intention is to be a support for my Mom through our natural love from our long relationship at a very difficult time for her. I have to remember my purpose is to extend her compassion, kindness. I need have no other agenda--as much as we have hurt one another through misunderstanding--and be there for her by communicating love, consideration and the mood of service, while within I will pray for her speedy departure from her current miseries, and ideally to have some sort of spiritual awakening.

TEXAS FAITH 26: Should the feds pursue illegal immigrants or the businesses that hire them? Or neither?

Dallas Morning News,

Each week we will post a question to a panel of about two dozen clergy, laity and theologians, all of whom are based in Texas or are from Texas. They will chime in with their responses to the question of the week. And you, readers, will be able to respond to their answers through the comment box.

Catching a Glimpse of a Soul Perspective

A glimer of light
Sometimes we catch a glimpse of a deep realization. We may call them “realizations” but they aren’t if they don’t last and make a permanent impact on our life. Thus I called it a glimpse. While chanting this morning I had some understanding of my tiny insignificance, the degree of my fallen condition in comparison to my eternal spiritual, blissful nature. If only this small beam of light would be part of my total, and permanent enlightened state! Whatever it is, I am grateful for any glimpse of truth. Deep, spiritual, eternal humility comes from realizing the greatness of Krishna who is compared to the grandest sun, and seeing the disparity to our spark-like existence. To our false ego this doesn’t sound very flattering, yet spiritually it is a blissful understanding, and materially a great relief!
Mechanical body

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My brain is spinning with amazement after watching the video of Citra Kavitvani from ISKCON's Sanskrit School. Simply mind blowing. [18:51:39]

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