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Krishna's Other Thoughts for Appearing as Shri Chaitanya and the Desires of his Devotees for his Advent

Transcendental kirtana
Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu are one yet different by their different functions, and the appearance of Lord Chaitanya and Krishna illustrate their difference purposes. Shri Krishna and Lord Chaitanya are considered the original Personalities of Godhead, and their lives center on enjoying loving relationships with their devotees—they have no specific function in relationship to the material world. When they do come to the world their Vishnu parts are also within them and perform his duties. I realize that this may sound rather confusing. Yes, God is one, yet he has a variety of aspects to serve different purposes and desires, according to the love of his devotees.

Krishna’s inner reason for appearing as Shri Chaitanya

Lord Chaitanya as Radha Krishna
We have a number of accounts of the curious reasons for Krishna’s appearance as Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu—particularly in the Chaitanya Charitamrita and in the Chaitanya Mangala. Why curious? It is curious from the usual religious perspective that God is all powerful, self-sufficient, all-knowing and not in any need. We hear in these scriptures that Krishna couldn’t fathom the love his devotees felt for him—specifically Radha’s incomparable selfless love. It is important to understand this in the right context so we don’t become confused about Krishna’s supreme position. Otherwise, how could it be possible that God doesn't know something?

As I Sit by the Spring, the Half Moon Reminds me of Lord Chaitanya's Appearance Day

half moon through the trees
Looking straight up through the tall bare trees I notice the half moon, reminding me that in exactly one week on the full moon day is the important and auspicious appearance anniversary day of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. It is a special day to observe because there would be no Krishna consciousness movement or without him and those who represent him. In comparison to more pious ages people of modern times are not considered particularly qualified to understand God, and what to speak of what Shri Chaitanya comes to teach.

Lessons from Temple Service, Writing and Snow

Wondering writer
This poem has been
waiting for weeks
O help me Lord
will it ever be complete?
or adequately convey
what I truly want to say
as a kind of snapshot
of my life’s experience
or a particular perception?

Managing Time, or Being Managed By Time?

Rain cloudsAs I sit here darkness grows and the temperature drops. When the wind blows my face feels the brisk sharpness of the cold. As the trees bend I look straight up to see them moving back and forth far above my head. It’s an amazing feeling—like being one with the trees.

Why Write?

The blogger
I write because I must, something like an addict must have drink, or a smoke. It is more gentle, not as often or as externally demanding, but more an inner prompting to contribute, to create.

It began over 30 years ago with a gift I received of a journal. After I began writing I discovered that when I wrote, uncovered, buried or forgotten parts of me emerged. Not trivial things, but important aspects of myself that needed to see the light of consciousness to be either acted upon, purified, or purged. Writing became like a love affair with my hidden self, the self I had missed and was looking for externally. It was the self I had to repress in childhood to try to avoid the disapproval and anger of an emotionally wounded father—and instrument of my karma to give me much to write about.

Reflections in the Woodshed

The path to the shed
Wondering in the woodshed
scratching my head
a roof with 4 air sides
mostly dry wood mixed
with sprinkled melting snow.

Meditating on experience
wondering how to convey it
meaningfully—does it matter?—
well, it does to me
otherwise, why write?

The Appearance and Disappearance of Saintly Persons

BSST 2Prabhupada gives the same analogy that he has shared regarding the Lord’s appearance and disappearance, namely, the sunrise, sunset or the appearance of light and darkness to describe saintly persons. The Sun never dies but is only goes beyond our vision—we are in darkness. When the sun reappears, primitive cultures consider that the sun was born after its death the previous night. Even we consider the appearance of the sun as a “new day”, but to the sun none of these perspectives apply. He is always existing and moving in his own way on the path given to him by the Supreme Lord. The Lord or his pure devotees only appear to disappear or die, but they are ever-existing.

The Blessing or Curse of the Writer: Sharing Experience

Surprize reaction
The desire to share experience is equally true of photographers, artists and the like—people who try to share their perceptions, feelings and thoughts with others through some type of different medium of one or two dimensions. Yet sometimes thinking of an experience (or extracting the creative angle) as it is happening makes one less present in the moment. I have taken photos and videos at some Temple functions, and felt like I missed the whole thing!

Who is Shri Nityananda Rama--and Should You Be Interested?

Shri NitaiWe just celebrated Shri Nityananda Rama’s holy appearance day, and I thought of the question, “Who is Sri Nityananda Rama, and why should you be interested?” This is a great question for a devotee of Lord Krishna or Shri Chaitanya, and one would hope to share this knowledge with others. But which persons might want to know the answer? If we went up to someone on the street and told them that today was the appearance of Shri Nityananda Rama we might get ignored, or told they didn’t care. Perhaps a few might actually ask ok, who is he and so on, but not with much real interest. And without interest, what will a person really hear, and how much will they be benefited? Pure souls can actually attract others to bhakti. However, though we may not be such an advanced devotee, if we are personally very attracted and excited our words will have power.

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