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Abortion and enslaving the African Americans

Clouds, Harps, and Fire

I Have All the Conch Shells I Need, Part Two

The Value Of Training

I've been bitten by dogs. Once in the butt, when I was a twelve-year-old paperboy, by a customer's loose German shepherd ex-police dog. Another time in the face by my cousin's Great Dane, Zander, whom I made the mistake of saying "Hey, Zander!" to as I walked too close to the car window he was looking out of.

The Saints: Gangam style

dṛṣṭaiḥ svabhāva-janitair vapuṣaś ca doṣair

na prākṛtatvam iha bhakta janasya paśyet

gaṅgāmbhasāṁ na khalu budbuda-phena-paṅkair

brahma-dravatvam apagacchati nīra-dharmaiḥ

The Best Is Not Really The Best Unless It's The Best


"This is the best," I said. I was walking on the beach; it was quarter to eight in the morning, low tide, cool breeze—the low angle of sunrays lit the earth and sky into such rich, deep, otherworldly golden tones that I felt I had ascended to a higher realm. I half-expected to see luminous beings walking without touching the ground or riding unicorns and dolphins.

The saint and the puppies. . .

Some years ago in the old temple room at Gita-nagari, I was chanting japa in the back of the room, where hung individual portraits of the previous gurus in our line. One is Jagannatha dasa babaji, who’s credited with rediscovering the place of Lord Caitanya’s appearance in Mayapura, West Bengal. On a pilgrimage to that holy place, I had heard a few details of his life. He’d lived to be over a hundred years old, and his eyelids had drooped down over his eyes, rendering him virtually blind.

Uncontrolled Mind—Worse Than Any Mob Scene

TEXAS FAITH 96: Do we believe differently about different kinds of truths?

Dallas Morning News,

This Mantra Is Dangerous

I was chanting japa around the fountain at the Alachua temple with Mahatma Prabhu. He told me a few things about chanting:

"This mantra is dangerous. It will make you want to renounce the world." And,

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