Christmas Shopping or Krishna Shopping

Loosing Santa
In the West and parts of world, holiday shopping is in full throttle as shoppers try to blaze a trail to do all their shopping at the last minute. Unfortunately for all the procrastinators who finally hit the street, they are greeted by many others in the same harried mode, and find clogged roads, full parking lots, and impatient shoppers. It should be no surprise to anyone who has shopped before in the 10th or 11th hour before Christmas. One would think people would expect this and perhaps mentally prepare for the mayhem (or shop earlier). However, it seems most people never do, and many expressions communicate how they feel—something as welcome as shoes that are too small!

Creating a Culture of Care by Taking Care of the Whole Person

Mind, body, soul
I am bringing this up to you to emphasis the importance of having a balanced mental/emotional life as a component of your spiritual practices, whether or not you live in a temple community or near to devotees of Krishna. As we don’t hesitate to go to the doctor or dentist, we should know when mental health professionals are required. In the Chowpatty, India Temple near Mumbai, they have a spiritual counselor system. I would see this as a big part of devotee care and the first line of defense against spiritual and emotional/psychological problems, provided the counselors know when to refer out—or in other words, when more is needed than a purely spiritual solution. We must be able to see the unique whole person and their requirements, and think long term. (part 2 continued from my 2/14/10 blog)

Doing the Needful for the Long Haul of a Life of Devotion

Shri Chaitanya and the Holy Name

I am sure that many philosophers or thinkers have said something to the effect that although looking at the past is good if we extract from it life lessons that inform our present, the past is not a good place to live or be stuck in. Our present is the intersection between the past and future. There is no question that our past—in this life and in previous lives—has a tremendous influence on who we think we are. However, if we want a good future, including changing our past conditioning which is unhelpful for our spiritual progress, it can only be created in the present, or moment by moment. Understanding those influences which don’t serve our goals is an important part of creating change. (This is the 1st part of a two part series.)

My Sacred Duty and Joy to Krishna and you


I am feeling negligent
being absent here to blog
attending to many services
pressing demands taking time
while unable to carry out
a most sacred responsibility.

Forgive me for again expressing
about my writing service
an important reminder for me
a vital duty to my Gurus,
previous teachers, and Shri Chaitanya
to shine a light on Krishna.

Mixed Vegetables in Creamy Karhi Sauce

Today I started cooking a little late so I grabbed Kurma’s “Quick Vegetarian Dishes” for ideas. I was limited to the vegetables that were in the fridge, therefore the karhi vegetables pictured probably look a little different from what this recipe would produce. But not too different. I used sautéed tofu, fresh baby greens, and carrots. Also, as I am trying to cut down on my wheat consumption and we had rice the past two days, I got drastically different and served this recipe with rice vermicelli noodles.

Mixed Vegetables in Creamy Karhi Sauce
[Recipe by Kurma]
Serves 6

Blaming God for Our Problems

Angry at God People—even religious ones—tend to blame God when things don’t go well. Most of us consider ourselves decent human beings, certainly not perfect, but good enough to not be deserving of some unexpected calamity. So we say, “Why me God? What did I do to deserve this?” We might also learn to think, “Why not me, God?” This question will naturally come when we understand that we, the soul, are eternal, and have had unlimited lives in the material world fueled by our desires and actions or karma. So from this vantage point, our current life is a result of our previous life. Our glance in the mirror showing our face is not happenstance but consequence! (This is part 2, following "Wanting Krishna to Solve our Economic Problems")

Wanting Krishna to Solve our Economic Problems

Four kinds of pious persons
Krishna consciousness is truly a very high theology in terms of its depth of knowledge in explaining the supreme subject, the Absolute Truth, the Source of Everything, the Supreme Personality, or God. In the pure devotional literature of the Vedas we are given a picture of God’s most personal and intimate feature of Krishna. (The truth of this statement requires a serious study and shouldn’t be discounted only by one’s belief. As I have often said, there is only one spiritual system in the universe. An advanced spiritual person sees unity in diversity, and other conceptions of Divinity are not seen as a threat.) This deep knowledge of God is all fine and good a person might say, but what is in it for me and my family? I need money not philosophy.Part 1 of a 2 part blog:

The Naked Form of Matter

The naked form of matter
giving misery, heartbreak
false promises
from good advertising

In Having a Tooth Pulled, are there Tangible Spiritual Benefits?

Ouch..but all things must pass
In the scheme of things having a tooth pulled--or loosing it--could be seen as a very small event in a person's life--one of the many so-called mundane "non-events", more a distraction from "real life" than something noteworthy. However, personally, I don't think any occurrence, event or day is ever ordinary. We only have mundane or ordinary vision or perspectives. Especially for a devotee, they try to put Krishna into everything they do, or see everything in relationship to him. Life is miraculous, but to see like this requires an attitude of appreciation and positive expectancy.

Butternut Squash and Tender Greens Kitchari

Today’s recipe is perfect for those days when you are at busy at home and can occasionally stir a pot, but not do endless preparation. As I am working at home today I thought this would be perfect to make my family for dinner and equally perfect to share with you all.

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