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Janmastami, The Countdown begins

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Hare Krisna. The Krishna.com countdown to Sri Krishna Janmashtami has begun. Check it out here:

4-Day Countdown: Why Krishna Appears

Humans (at least us reasonable ones) crave reasons: "Why did the chicken cross the road? Why is the sky blue? Why is there air?."

Our questioning spirit manifests early:

World Yourh Day

Here in Sydney, Australia the Roman Catholic Church has borrowed the city from Sydneysiders to put on a week long spiritual pilgrimage they call World Youth Day. In a strange way it was like having 100,000 devotees come to town.

It’s been reported that 125,000 visitors have come to Sydney from across the world to attend the event and to join with hundreds of thousands of Australian Catholics.

The books, the books

I really like books, no I mean really. ( and I mean really-really)

I have books everywhere, just in case there is a moment to read one of them. There are books in almost every room - just in case. There are even some in the hall. Well there’s a bookshelf there. That’s not strange is it? You have to put bookshelves in the hall when you already have bookshelves in the other rooms.

Krishna's Kitchen

Antony Brennan

If the Deity room is the heart of the temple then the kitchen must be one of the major organs. The kitchen is at the center of many of the activities undertaken at any of Krishna’s temples. Here are produced the delicious foods offered to the Deities at each meal and which are distributed amongst the devotees and guests as the mercy or prasadam of Lord Krishna.

Govindaji Saves Student from Terror in Jaipur

"Krishna has saved me" said Avadhuta-priya devi dasi, a devotee of Lord Krishna, referring to her incredible escape from a series of terrorist bomb blasts that tore through crowded shopping areas of Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan in India's north.

Battlefield Bajans

My friend Partha-sarathi dasa is a devotee of Lord Krishna. He also happens to be a soldier in Iraq.

He has taught me that regardless of our situation, or of the political or economic environment we are in it is the consciousness with which you face your karma that matters. Your Krishna Consciousness that is!


looking for recipes

I was talking to Kurma Dasa the Chef recently and on the issue of cooking there was something he continued to affirm, and that was that we should follow a recipe.

So there you have it a recipe should be the basis of your cooking plan.

There are many recipe books available at at Krishna.com for you to choose from and there are many places on the Internet packed with recipes for you to choose for free.

Kirtan by Candlelight

Devotees and Deities at Sri Sri Radha Gopinatha temple in Sydney, Australia, joined an estimated 50 million people worldwide in making a statement on climate change and energy consumption.

On Saturday, March 29th people across the world acted together to switch off their electric lights for an hour. The event is intended to be a symbolic gesture to empower political leaders to act against climate change and to encourage people to seek ways to use energy more appropriately.

Chutney anyone?

Chutney is now popular all over the world. You can find recipes from Africa, from the Caribbean, from Europe, and from England. Many people believe chutney can assist with digestion. They are easy to make, and the fresher the better.

Follow this link to recipes here at Krishna.com Food Channel, and try your hand at making fresh chutney to offer to Krishna and to please your friends.

http://food.krishna.com/node/346 : )

ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry / Mayapur Academy Newsletter

Dear Friends,


Welcome to a condensed version of the latest edition of the ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry / Mayapur Academy Newsletter

As the festival season approaches temples are gearing up for a busy time. This month sees Gundica marjana and Ratha yatra. In the following two months there are Jhulana yatra, Balarama’s appearance, Janmastami, Srila Prabhupada’s appearance and Radhastami to name a few.

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