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Youth Bus Tour North America

Youth from around the world are about to embark on an adventure bus tour across the USA and Canada, to Ratha-yatra festivals, temples, national parks, glaciers, beaches...

10 Testimonials from Visitors

“I'm working for a company that designs and manufactures traction parts of locomotives. I believe that is a very efficient approach to spreading Krishna consciousness. It is a reliable source of things favorable for cultivation of the spiritual knowledge of Krishna consciousness. I like the easy access to information about Krishna and His devotees.

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Celebrate's 10th Anniversary

In keeping with the theme of our 10-year anniversary articles, here is another top ten list of most popular pages based on views since June 2010.

1. Vrindavan Temple Live Video - 60,783 views.
2. Krishna's Avatars - 34,064.

Top 10 Books about Krishna

top ten books about Krishna turns 10 this year. Help us celebrate having reached 7 million people in 224 countries with online books, audio, video, webcams and paintings all about Krishna. Give the gift of a book about Krishna to someone special this year.

Top Ten Most Popular Books about Krishna

Top 10 Krishna Conscious Countries

Visitors to from around the world, 2010-2012

Here are the top ten Krishna conscious countries, based on number of visitors in the past two years. (Data provided by Google Analytics.)

1) United States 931,067
2) India 836,169
3) United Kingdom 167,228
4) Canada 150,257
5) Australia 72,635
6) United Arab Emirates 48,561
7) South Africa 28,572
8) Russia 24,821
9) Germany 24,245
10) Malaysia 23,434

Top 20:

11) Brazil 21,151
12) Singapore 18,923

Top 10 Krishna Conscious Cities

top ten Krishna conscious cities -

Here are the Top 10 Krishna conscious cities based on number of people who visited in the past two years. (Data provided by Google Analytics.)

1) New Delhi 159,786
2) Mumbai 108,650
3) Bangalore 92,553
4) Chennai 58,276
5) London 51,272
6) Hyderabad 47,506
7) Pune 46,402
8) New York 43,275
9) Dubai 41,092
10) Calcutta 35,436

Top 20:

11) Sydney 27,889
12) Calgary 25,392
13) Chandigarh 21,230

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