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TEXAS FAITH 86: Do we thirst too much for political leaders?

Dallas Morning News,

TEXAS FAITH 85: With more Americans not identifying with any faith, what’s the future of religion?

Dallas Morning News,

Dangerous paramours of the mind


TEXAS FAITH 84: The morality of drone warfare

Dallas Morning News,

TEXAS FAITH 83: Is separation of church and state an idea to keep religious people out of the public arena?

Dallas Morning News,

Kalachandji - The Supreme Mad Hatter

Mad Hatters Club

Last week I did a tour for a group of Mad Hatters.  They were lots of fun.  They really enjoyed the experience of the temple and we amazed at Kalachandji’s beauty.  They especially loved His indomitable hat. 

Street Kirtans Pictures - Dallas

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    TEXAS FAITH 82: What would you like to hear Obama and Romney say in their convention speeches?

    Dallas Morning News,

    TEXAS FAITH 81: Do Republicans have an Ayn Rand problem?

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