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TEXAS FAITH 82: What would you like to hear Obama and Romney say in their convention speeches?

Dallas Morning News,

TEXAS FAITH 81: Do Republicans have an Ayn Rand problem?

TEXAS FAITH 80: Chick-fil-A’s moment in the news

A glimpse of Nava Vraja Mahima

Elegant binding

The Lotus of Nava Vraja Mahima

Beautiful pages

TEXAS FAITH 79: Is the Sikh shooting “Christian terrorism?”

Dallas Morning News,

Digesting the Most Secret - a class on the Gita

This is a class I gave for our Sunday Feast crowd last Sunday
BG 9.1-2 Nityananda Chandra das- Sunday Feast- Digesting The Most Secret 2012-07-29

TEXAS FAITH 77: Could an atheist be elected president?

Dallas Morning News,

Harinam Sankirtan At Whole Foods in Lakewood on July 4th

Prayer for the Mayor III –Invocation for the Dallas City Council Briefing

Earlier this year I was cordially invited by the secretary of the Mayor of Dallas, Mike Rawlings, to perform the invocation for the Dallas City Council Briefings.  I originally met Amanda Sanchez, his secretary several years ago at the temple.  She had come with a group of students for a school project to attend a temple tour and interview.  This video will be the third invocation that I have done for the Dallas City Council. 

-January 18th City Council Briefing

Sadhu Sanga Retreat

The Sadhu Sanga Retreat was really a treat for the heart. His Holiness Jayadvaita Swami started off the event on the first morning by giving us a clear understanding of what the word sanga is all about. It is association, but not superficial association. It is just like a scientist's convention where they gather together and share their realizations, devotees similarly gather to hear and chant about Krishna, that is sanga, association.

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