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After Virtue–The Mind, the foundation for improvement or the fickleness of a floozy

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A friend of mind, a Christian minister who studied a bible school here in Dallas, sent me this question.

TEXAS FAITH 57: To what extent should government define the common good?

Dallas Morning News,

TEXAS FAITH 56: How do we create a common good today?

Dallas Morning News,

TEXAS FAITH 55: What do you think about Tebowing?

Dallas Morning News,

What is education, what is brahmacarya?

America’s 10 Most Secret Restaurants -

10. Kalachandji’s (Dallas)

First United Methodist Church Confirmation Kirtan - Video

The folks down at First United Methodist Church in Downtown Dallas came to the temple along with their 6th grader children. This was part of their confirmation program which is basically a coming of age function. They all very kindly participated in the kirtan and at the end one of the kids who was wearing an Indian outfit asked if we could dance some more.

Mentioned by a fellow panelist in Dallas Morning News

The open mindedness of Swami Nityananda Prabhu of Hare Krishna Hindu Temple,a panelist on this forum, is admirable. People love to talk about his teachings from Bhagvad Gita on my radio show, called Wisdom of Religion. He has indeed opened up minds of non-Hindus to see the wisdom of Hinduism.

- Mike Ghouse President of Foundation for Pluralism

full article here.

Gopi Gita distributing Srila Prabhupada's books

New Year’s Eve 2011 Harinam San-Kirtan in Downtown Dallas

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