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Quick and Easy Split Mung Dahl

As a vegetarian I am often asked how I get my protein. The simple answer to this is that I get protein from a variety of sources including beans, tofu, soy products, dairy products and delicious dahl.

As a child I loved to eat dahl with rice but my favourite was to roll up a chapatti (Indian flat bread) and dip it into my dahl. My daughter also loves dahl with rice and one of her favorite foods is kichari, a dish made with rice, lentils and vegetables.

Janmashtami Recipes

It's almost here! Our biggest celebration of the year, the birth of Shri Krishna. On this day hundreds of temples all around the world will be celebrating this holy day with chanting, dancing, fasting and of course feasting. For those of us who enjoy cooking, it is nice on this day to prepare some special dishes, things that you wouldn't just make for yourself, and then offer them to your home deities or even to a picture of Krishna. At some temples there is the opportunity to bring your preparation to the temple as an offering to the deities there, which can be extra sweet.

Ghee and Ghee Rice

After giving much thought to the single most valuable recipe I could share with beginner cooks, I have come to the conclusion that it just wouldn't be right if we all didn't know how to make ghee (pronounced like bee but with a g) I am also adding a recipe for basmati rice with ghee.

First Post.

So, finally we are getting started! Welcome to all of the new subscribers who have joined in the past few months. My name is Pishima and I will be writing this newsletter on a weekly basis.

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