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Guru and Disciple: New questions are the same as the old ones

I often get asked questions by people who are looking for a guru: “What sort of teacher should I be looking for?” is shortly followed by: “And where do I begin looking for someone like that?”

After they’ve thought a few moments the next question is: “What sort of things do I have to do before I can become someone’s student?” “What happens if I don’t quite measure up?”

School Tragedy: A Hindu Response

I wanted to share this piece from the Huffington Post’s Religion section with my readers. Its a Hindu comment on the tragic school shootings by Vineet Chander, a chaplain at Princeton University:


Obama’s Speech

This was President Obama’s speech yesterday:

Obama’s Speech

This was President Obama’s speech yesterday:

Duchess of Cambridge’s baby: It’s a girl!

I have been a bit surprised at the level of media interest in the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy. From all over the world reporters have descended on London, crowding the streets outside the private Edward VII hospital where Kate was admitted two days ago with acute morning sickness. Congratulations are certainly in order, although traditionally not offered until after the safe period of three months has elapsed.

Be Prepared…for the Atheist Boy Scouts

Here’s the news today, as relayed by the Theos website:

The Scout Association has launched a consultation to gauge support among members for an alternate atheist Scout promise, removing the invocation of a deity. At the same time, the Guide Association, the parallel movement which began two years later, is to launch a consultation about its very similar promise, with views sought on all parts of the wording from early January.

I’ve decided to follow the Pope


So I’ve just become the 56,76oth follower of the Pope on Twitter. He’s on as ‘Pontifex’ as the handle ‘Real Pope’ has already been taken by an impostor.

Spuds - Two Words to Rule Them All


While admiring my newly sprouted potato plants this morning (the photo is above) I had an extraordinary flashback.

It's 1970, my last year of high school at Vaucluse Boys High. The year 12 students (called sixth form back then) are putting on a play called The Kitchen, by Arnold Wesker, written in 1957.

Looking back, that is sort of remarkable as it is, since The Kitchen is pretty much a two-word prediction about the rest of my life.

Only Three Shopping weeks Until Christmas

Only three shopping weeks to Christmas!
Why not gift your loved ones a Kurma cookbook or two!

Where can we find a spiritual master?

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