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Who is a Member of ISKCON? #6 What ISKCON Membership is not.

The lineage of gurus in our sampradaya. Does initiation make us members of ISKCON?

Who is a member of ISKCON? #5 Note: Terms and Conditions May Apply

Helicopter pilots. Everyone is welcome to become a member of their group. But first: can you fly one?

Easy Rider

"When I die, I want to die like my grandfather, who
died peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming, like all the passengers in his
- Author unknown

the return of easy rider:

I'm sure the comedian was Jewish. Like the man behind the wheel above. And gosh, he really looks like my 88 year old father who still drives (a yellow car!!) God help us all.

Solstice: Same Coin, Different Side

Tomorrow (in Australia) Thursday 21 June, marks the Winter Solstice. That means that in the Northern Hemisphere it is the Summer Solstice. I looked back into my vast archives to see what I had written about Solstices and here's what I came up with, from seven years ago today:

London, 20 June, 2005

"Last night the hot sun was blazing through the windows of my room at 10.15pm, and still had a while to go before it went over the horizon. This morning it was light at 3.45am.

See You in Canberra!

Just a few spots left in this Saturday's cookery class in Canberra. Come feast with us!

Cooking Co-ordinates Cookery School,


Canberra ACT,

Morning Cookery Workshop,

Saturday 23 June,

Bookings call 02 6253 5133

fryin it!:

Here's the menu:

Who is a Member of ISKCON? #4 Questions to ask yourself

Core, fruit or skin, where do I fit in?

Rustic Reverie

I've planted some hardy winter/spring brassica crops. The seeds of brassicas all look like mustard seeds, and are relatively easy to grow.

tuscan cabbage:

This is Tuscan Cabbage, sometimes known as Cavolo Nero. This was grown by a student who attended one of my classes last year. It does not form a head, and its crinkled matt deep green leaves with a white stem and a bitter cabbage flavour are best sauteed, or braised or in soups.

So Far, So Good

hello 2012:

Who is a member of ISKCON? #3 When Members Needs Change

Who is a member of ISKCON? #2 The ISKCON Apple

The ISKCON Apple. Its ‘Apple’ all the way through, but there’s a ‘core’ and a ‘skin’ and we need to know the difference.

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