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When Almighty God rides his chariot

Three chariots waiting in Udupi, Karnataka, southern India

Annual parade in Parthasarathi temple, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Put Your Ethics Where Your Mouth Is

Put Your Ethics Where Your Mouth Is

brekky for the big man:

Some time back I published an article from the NY Times - it was a challenge, actually.

An Old ‘Hare Krishna Festival’ poster

Thanks to Cerebral Boinkfest blogspot for this image

Kurma's Last Gopals Class - Don't miss out!

Just a reminder that my last class for 2012 at Gopals Melbourne and almost certainly my last class there ever will be held on Sunday 27 May.

King of the Nagas

Finally my Naga chili plant is fruiting. I cannot be sure which variety of Naga chili this is - looks like a Dorset Naga but could be a Naga Jalokia.

Nagas in their pot:

In September 2006 the Naga Jolokia was officially recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s hottest chilli measuring in at over 1,000,000 Scoville Units (SCH).

Did you hear about the six Buddhist monks?

Not six, not Korean, but Buddhist monks – and we all need them

Street Kirtan: Knocking at the Door of the Heart

Last month I was with my family in New York city and we joined devotees of Krishna in a street kirtan in Union Square. The Square is well known for gatherings and protests of all kinds. The devotees regularly go there to perform kirtan and anyone who is there often comes to listen, tap their feet, clap their hands, or jump into their own form of dance. Here’s what happened when I led kirtan for a few minutes:

Preparations at home for Narasimha’s Day

Preparation this afternoon for one of our seasonal celebrations, the appearance of Narasimha.

In our house it means we go to class at the temple followed by festive street chanting down in London, then take a break from the crowds to do a ceremonial abishek to our home deity when we return. Fruit juice, milk, cream, sweet water, coconut water – all poured over the deity along with kirtan.

Here’s how Srila Prabhupada sang prayers to Narasimha, then how a Narasimha abhishek looks in India, followed by the animated story, created by Mohan and Janaki

An Orange Day Kirtan in Amsterdam

Sri Ramanujacarya

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