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Punctuation is Everything

no more clubbing:

A Very Tense Situation

very tense:

Herbed Bread Rolls

Herbed Bread Rolls

In this recipe, small bun-sized pieces of herbed and yeasted dough are arranged in a quiche pan or shallow cake tin fairly close together, then baked.

Fake Guru makes True Movie

Here is an interesting tale of how art imitates life. Kumare is a story about what happened when Vikram Gandhi decided to be a ‘guru’ for a while – and managed to attract a following of sincere devotees. And his friend filmed the whole thing with three cameras.

Calling All Carnivores

Calling All Carnivores...


The New York Times has arranged a contest: "Tell us why it’s ethical to eat meat".


Juicy Panir Cheese Balls

Food blogger and chef extraordinaire Lakshmi writes "Cheese balls are mild and soft in texture and taste. Crunchy cucumber salad with roasted peanuts and grated coconut create a nice contrast. It matches well with a paperthin puff-bread, poori...

Russia High Court Dismisses Appeal on Gita Ban

21 March 2012

Chickpeas in Karhi Sauce

This is a quick version of a succulent North Indian dish that my spiritual master Srila Prabhupada taught his young disciple Yamuna Devi (my cookery guru) in 1966. Yamuna went on to become one of the world's foremost authorities on vegetarian cuisine.

Coming Back


Farewell Old Friend

My dear wonderful old friend Nrsimhadeva left the stage last night, and moved on to something even bigger and better. Thanks Nrsimha for your decades of selfless service, your superb company, and your memorable man hugs.

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