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    Posted: 36 weeks 14 hours ago
    We’re finished renovating the smaller of our two buildings – it was the easiest one, and also the most urgent to move into because the web department needed the much-better internet connection offered at the site. The space also is home to several of our local Bhaktivedanta Book Trust staff. In the space we had to completely redo some very unsafe wiring and upgrade the plumbing (energy conserving water heater, new fixtures, etc.). We have refinished the wood floors rather than...
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    Posted: 37 weeks 11 hours ago
    She usually loathes clean up
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    Posted: 38 weeks 7 hours ago
    Few Sundays ago we had a very nice visit from 2 members of the band, the 3 Kings.  On a USA tour, these fellows are out to bring about a revolution in consciousness to Christ Consciousness.   Their aim is to bring back positive messages back in the hip-hop scene with God-hop.  The hip-hop scene for over the past decade has been dominated materialistic and egoistic material.  The 3 Kings work on overcoming this negativity by bringing in non dogmatic God appreciation,...
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    Posted: 38 weeks 1 day ago
    by Caitanya Dasi A team of four ladies received permission to teach a volunteer program on bhakti yoga and mantra meditation at a women’s prison in Florida. It took a couple of months to get through the red tape like back ground checks, etc. Once this was completed, we coordinated with the prison wardens and chaplains. In this particular state prison there are three separate facilities run by different chaplains and wardens, which made it a bit unclear how their...
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    Posted: 38 weeks 2 days ago
    Dallas Morning News, Each week we will post a question to a panel of about two dozen clergy, laity and theologians, all of whom are based in Texas or are from Texas. They will chime in with their responses to the question of the week. And you, readers, will be able to respond to their answers through the comment box. Leaders of the Evangelical Immigration Table will meet on Capitol Hill Wednesday to continue praying for and advocating for a broad immigration reform. In other words, they...
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