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    Posted: 49 weeks 5 days ago
    Before taking to chanting the Hare Krishna mantra daily my wife used to smoke 2 packs of cigarettes every day.  But with the help of this mantra she quickly and easily gave up smoking. Chantix The prescription drug Varenicline (Chantix) helps you quit smoking.  It has a standard pharmaceutical list of side effects and warnings.  Here is a few of them. Allergic reaction.  Anxiety, confusion, depression, restlessness, or mood changes.  Blistering, peeling, or red skin...
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    Posted: 51 weeks 3 days ago
    Author: Karnamrita Das
    Someone asked me to share my Vyasa-puja (as the appearance day of one's guru is called in Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition) offering. While I didn't write a formal one this year, and mainly recalled the times I spent with him, I looked up an old offering I wrote on behalf of the Baltimore temple in 1998, and found it still expressing my deep feelings, though today, with even more urgency, not only for ISKCON devotees, but for all those who follow the teachings of Shri Chaitanya. Like my last "blog...
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    Posted: 52 weeks 19 hours ago
    ISKCON Prison Ministry 2 Vyasa-puja Offerings Hare Krsna dear devotees, Below are the first Vyasa-puja offerings of two inmate bhaktas. I hope they will bring you great transcendentally pleasure! Your servant, Bhakti-lata Dasi 1) Offering of Bhakta Richard nama om vishnu-padaya krishna-preshthaya bhu-tale srimate bhaktivedanta-svamin iti namine namas te sarasvate deve gaura-vani-pracarine nirvisesha-sunyavadi-pascatya-desa-tarine Prabhupada, during my initial years of practicing Krsna...
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    Posted: 1 year 1 day ago
    “It doesn't matter, either Hindu religion or Christian religion or Mohammedan religion, anything you like. But we have to test. Just like a student who has passed M.A. examination. Nobody inquires, "From which college you have passed your examination? You have passed M.A. examination? That's all right." And we are concerned, whether you are graduate, postgraduate. That's all. Nobody inquires, "From which college, from which country, from which religion, you have passed your M.A. examination...
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    Posted: 1 year 1 week ago New ebook all about Lord Balarāma!!  I edited the PDF so that it would include a table of contents and a clickable table of contents page, here
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