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    Posted: 43 weeks 1 day ago
    atha sri-radha-damodara-puja-vidhih padme tatraiva tatah priyatama vishno radhika gopikasu ca karttike pujaniya ca sri-damodara-sannidhau The Way to Worship Sri Sri Radha-Damodara In the Padma Purana it is said: "Because She is the gopi most dear to Lord Vishnu, Sri Radha should be worshiped along with Lord Damodara during the month of Karttika. (HBV 16.195) sanketavasare cyute pranayatah samsaj jaya radhaya prarabhya bhrukuti hiranya-rasana damna nibaddhodaram kartikyam janani-krtotsava-vare...
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    Posted: 44 weeks 6 days ago
    Amayo yaz ca bhUtAnAMˆ jAyate yena suvrata tad eva hy Amaya dravyaM na punAti cikitsitam O good soul, does not a thing, applied therapeutically, cure a disease which was caused by that very same thing?
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    Posted: 45 weeks 18 hours ago
    Author: Karnamrita Das
    I can't believe it has been a month since I posted. Time flies when you are busy. So much as happened in my life, and so many different emotional states, in those 4 weeks and a day! After I finished my 31 day bodily cleanse of my various organs I felt disassociated from life and had to regroup and recommit to my life mission--which is the subject of this short blog poem--and my wife and I helped facilitate the Grihastha Vision Team 4th Annual Couple's Retreat in Gita-nagari PA. I wrote and...
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    Posted: 47 weeks 1 day ago
    [For a couple years I’ve had the pleasure to do service with Yahna, who has been steadily volunteering to type letters for IPM. She has been very quick to type the letters I send her and she is so humble that when I asked her if she would share her realizations from this service, she emailed me the following response, “I've written a little something, but is that okay as I am not really a devotee of Krsna Consciousness and just want to be of service?” Below are her reflections. She’d rather not...
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    Posted: 48 weeks 3 days ago
    sri-rupa carana-dvandva raginam vrajavasinam sri-jivam satatam vande mandesvananda dayinam sri-rupa - Srila Rupa Gosvami; carana-dvandva - the two lotus feet; raginam - strongly attached; vraja vasinam - the topmost resident of Vrindavan; sri-jivam - Srila Jiva Gosvami; satatam - constantly; vande - I offer my obeisances; mandesu - dull headed and lazy people; ananda - bliss; dayinam - the bestower In Sadhana Dipika it is said: "I offer my repeated humble obeisances unto Srila Jiva Gosvami...
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