Cakri dasa (Phoenix, USA)

Dear Srila Prabhupada,

Please accept our humble obeisances at your lotus feet. All glories to you, and to your divine appearance in this world to save all fallen souls.

In the beginning of one of your books a disciple wrote an appreciation of you as follows: "We were searching for broken pieces of glass, but you have given us the highest jewel".

What were those broken pieces of glass? Perhaps they were desire for liberation, self-realization, mystic yoga, and other forms of spiritual realization.

Phoenix Deities

Little did we know that you were giving us the highest, most valuable jewel, Sri Krishna, the most beautiful Supreme Personality of Godhead, and prema, ecstatic love for Him. Radha and Krishna, Vrindavan pastimes, the Holy Names, Deity worship, and your wonderful books are the many jewels that you have given us.

Your beautiful books are still shining brightly in this world. They are so powerful that just by reading them, one can immediately give up any bad habits and become a devotee of the Lord.

In the very beginning, you gave us the pastimes of the Lord in your Krishna Book. Just by reading this book, one can realize Krishna, the Absolute Truth.

You wrote in this book,

"Hearing is an opportunity to associate with the Lord; to hear His activities is to evolve to the transcendental nature—simply by hearing".


"This Krishna treatise is meant for that purpose, and the reader may take advantage in order to attain the ultimate goal of human life".

So, you gave us the opportunity to reach the highest goal in this one book alone. Actually, any of your books can take us to the highest goal.

You also gave us the chance to share these books with others through your book distribution. How wonderful to be able to read these beautiful books ourselves, and then share them with others. By distributing them we please you, and the Lord, and we make spiritual advancement. Thus our love for Krishna increases, and everyone’s love of Krishna increases as well.

What a beautiful plan. We thank you for this wonderful gift.

Another great jewel that you gave us is the Holy Names. You are the deliverer of the religious process for this age—the chanting of the Holy Names of Krishna. You came to the West with full faith in your guru and the Holy Names, and thus you were successful.

You had that faith in Krishna; that if we simply chant to please Krishna, Krishna will be satisfied, and we will be satisfied, and we will be successful. You gave us this wonderful means to attain Krishna.

Srila Prabhupada, we thank you deeply for all these jewels you have given us. They are all priceless. We can hardly begin to repay you, but your request was that we freely give them to others, as you have done. In this way we would please you, and you would be satisfied.

You also asked us to work together cooperatively to spread your mission, and said that would be the test of our love for you.

On this holy day of your divine appearance, we humbly pray to take full advantage of your mercy: all these jewels you have given us, and to be your instruments in spreading Krishna consciousness everywhere.

Your servants at ISKCON Phoenix, Az. USA

(written by Cakri Das)