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About our choice of numbers, 108 is auspicious in relation to Lord Krishna, so we're using multiples or divisors thereof. For example, donating $9 per month amounts to $108 per year. Giving $18 a month is two times $108 a year... you get the idea. If there's a custom amount you'd like to give each month, please contact us.

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  • Support the Servers! runs on five web servers at a cost of $979 per month: the database server, file server, store server and two email servers. Your donations help offset this cost and keep alive and vibrant. Please use the "donate" button at the top of this page to contribute, or become a patron by giving a monthly donation.

  • Building Renovations Help us complete the building renovations. We've already renovated the warehouse, gift shop, customer service area, and upstairs office. We're in the process of renovating the downstairs office, "florida room" porch extension, and the floors in our hallway and customer service office. The remaining renovations will cost around $17,000. Here's a video of what our building looked like before we began renovations.

Helping more than 2700 visitors a day from over 228 countries and territories around the world discover Krishna — priceless!

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