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Rukmini Dvadasi - Break fast 04:56 - 08:17 (Local Time)

Thu, 2019-05-16

Break fast 04:56 - 08:17 (Local Time)

Today marks the appearance anniversary of Rukmini Devi, one of Krishna's primary queens in Dwaraka. Rukmini Devi is the eternal consort of Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. She is the internal pleasure potency of the Lord. Whereas Srimati Radharani is Krishna’s consort in His childhood home of Vrindavana, Rukmini Devi is His chief queen in Dwaraka, His opulent capital. She was betrothed to the envious-minded Shishupala, but Krishna kidnapped her after she wrote Him a letter asking Him to do so. She is considered an expansion of the gopi (cowherd girl) Chandravali.

Dvadasi is the twelfth day of the waning or waxing moon (dva, "two," dasi, "tenth"). In the Vedic, lunar calendar, dvadasi follows Ekadasi, a day customarily set aside for exclusive focus on spiritual activity and fasting—at least from grains and beans. Fasting for Ekadasi is considered incomplete unless one breaks fast at the proper time the following day, dvadasi. These times are provided here.


Those fasting for Ekadasi may break fast 05:00 - 09:22 (Local Time)