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Faiths and Knowledge

Is religion, or faith, different from knowledge? Are any of these more useful for discovering the truth than another? How do we know God exists at all? By faith, knowledge, or religion? Belief, faith, and religion all have their place in the search for spiritual knowledge. But you'll find a lot more about Absolute Truth, or dharma—“the essence of reality”—than just about belief, religion, or faith on More on this topic:

  • Religion Versus Faith—Krishna consciousness means "genuine spiritual knowledge," not conversion from Christianity, Judaism—or any other faith—to Hinduism.
  • On Absolute Authority—By submitting to the right authority, we can find out everything—like going to a supermarket, and getting everything in one place.
  • How I was Saved From Being "Saved"—What ever could have possessed a nice Christian boy to go and put on those robes and shave his head and ... ?
  • Jumping to Conclusions—How many millicrons does it take for anyone to see a lightbulb? How do we know the ocean is really the ocean?
  • Can Religions Compete?—For the comparative study of religion to genuinely accept the existence of several true religions, it must avoid setting up a competition among them.

Still More: