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Any mix of professional counselling and KC

Hare Krishna to everyone!
Please accept my humble obeisances!

I was looking for professional counselling where I can discuss my personal problems. While doing so I came across many Christian websites which claim to offer professional counselling service in light of the Bible.

I was wondering if similar facility is available for Krishna Consciousness where we can discuss our problems with a professional counselor who can also guide us in light of the scriptures.

Talking can solve many problems. I have talked to some devotees in the temple. although, they wanted to help but could not help much to a material situation as they were not well trained enough to do so. I mean they were not professional counselors.

Any such place in ISKCON ?

Thanks for your reply prabhu.

Hare Krishna! Your blog sounds interesting to me. I have two questions:

1. Do you provide counselling with personal issues over phone/text/emailinternet?

2. Is it a paid service?


1. yes, including skype

2. it is free. if you find it useful i would not refuse a donation but don't feel obliged

if you want to contact me again please email me on


dear friend
hare krsna

i do spiritual life coaching

you can see what i do here and decide whether it can be of service to you

ys akrura dasa