Avoiding Association of Materialists and Materialistic Devotees

Hare Krishna,
My apologies if this post offends someone. I have very very few friends. I've been avoiding association with people most of the time in the last few years. And those include people who chants the Holy Name.

Before I try to be as nice as possible to most people. But many have mistaken this nice gestures as symptoms of a weak character and personality. Predators usually take advantages of weak preys. For a materialist, this is normal behavior. Many people are blessed to learn about self-realization, Krishna, His Holy Names, His qualities and His past times. I presume it's great to be friends with such people. My unpleasant experiences tells me to be careful of all kinds of people. I believe many neophyte devotees including practitioners for 20, 30 years cannot give up their old bad habits. That self-centered habit which expands to their immediate family. I understand they need to provide for their family's needs. I am willing to be used but not to be misused and abused. Sometimes I feel like speaking ill words but I never did it. I always know only the Guru, parent, leader (maybe the boss) have the right to chastise.

So I resort to the flee strategy. I no longer allow myself to be friendly. I act as casual as possible. And to my old ex-friends, I avoided them.

I do not claim to be the ideal devotee. I still have some old bad habits to kick. And many improvements to make. I'm not initiated.


I totally agree with you

Anyone with a little faith can be called a devotee. Many devotees I know are so sincere yet there are others who are full of material desire and may even use this philosophy to exploit you. I agree with what you said: to use the flee strategy and avoid such people.

There are many devotees who are very sincere and actually very spiritually inclined - it is best to find and associate with such devotees.

Best of luck.