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BG Chap 11 - Arjuna's request to see the sweet form of the Lord

Arjuna, his curiosity being satisfied seeing the universal form, and delighted that his friend had that form within Him, was agitated with fear seeing that form. So he requested the Lord to show His form of sweetness, the form as the son of Vasudeva, which is millions of times dearer to Arjuna. Arjuna had seen Kṛṣṇa as the Lord of the devatās and as the resting place of the universe. Now Arjuna wished to see the Lord’s glory filled with the highest rasa, which gives joy to the mind and eyes, the form for performing human like pastimes, and not the majestic form which is distasteful to the mind and eyes, and which is related to the pastimes with the devatās. He wanted to see the four-armed form of the Lord wearing a crown, holding a club and disc. This was the form Vasudeva and Devakī had seen when Kṛṣṇa was born.

Arjuna had desired to see the universal form of the Lord. The Lord showed Arjuna His unique universal form, which is a part of Him, because of Arjuna’s devotion. Considering that Arjuna had attained something which was very difficult to attain, the Lord asked Arjuna to fix his mind on that form. Having seen this form, Kṛṣṇa asked Arjuna to forget about His human form, which Arjuna again desired to see. Arjuna pleaded with the Lord asking Him why the Lord was forcing something in him which he did not want. Arjuna said he offered repeated obeisances to that majestic form from far away, and would never pray again to see that form. Arjuna was very disturbed seeing the universal form and asked the Lord to show His human form with moon like face, covered in showers of nectar thru the sweetest smiles. Kṛṣṇa said that He showed the universal form to make Arjuna understand that all people including Bhīṣma and others, who stood silent seeing Draupadī disrobed, would be killed by Him out of anger at that act. It was not Arjuna’s burden to kill them. The Lord assured Arjuna not to be fearful or bewildered, and asked him to see the form which he desired to see now with a peaceful mind.