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BG Chap 11 - Kṛṣṇa's form as Time

Now that Arjuna had attained fitness in disposition, Kṛṣṇa showed him His form as time. Although the Lord was one, He was spread throughout the sky and the planets and all space between. The space between heaven and earth and all directions were pervaded by His one form. Seeing this ferocious form, the three worlds became agitated and fearful. The demigods took shelter of the Lord and cried ‘pāhi pāhi’, ‘Please protect us’. The host of great sages and perfected beings, seeing the great danger due to the terrific manifestation of the universal form, praised the Lord by saying ‘svasti’, ‘Let there be auspiciousness for the universe’. The Rudras, Ādityas, Vasus, Sādhyas, Viśvas, the Aśvins, Maruts, Pitṛs (Uṣmapāḥ – one who drinks steam, referring to the forefathers), Gandharvas, Yakṣas, asuras and Siddhas all looked at the form in wonder. Seeing this great form with many mouths and eyes, many arms, thighs and feet, many stomachs, fearful with many teeth, the world was filled with terror.