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BG Chap 12 - niṣkāma karma yoga is beneficial to perform

Better than not accomplishing continuous, permanent remembrance of the Lord is the direct perception of our own ātmā. Better than not accomplishing realization of ātmā, which is the door to realization of Paramātmā, is the practice of meditation on one’s own ātmā. This is better in the sense that it is beneficial for attaining realization of ātmā. But better than unsuccessful practice of meditation is performing actions without seeking results. This niṣkāma karma yoga is easy to perform, can be done with full attention without disturbance, and contains the seeds of knowledge. By niṣkāma karma yoga, one attains purification of the mind. Then with a pure mind one can perform meditation. With proper meditation, one can realize ātmā. As a result of ātma-jñāna, one gains knowledge of Paramātmā, by which one takes to pure bhakti. By that, one attains the Lord in the mood of majesty.