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BG Chap 14 - The mode of ignorance binds the soul

The mode of darkness (tamas), which is produced from ignorance and which causes confusion for all living beings, binds the soul with inattention, laziness and sleep. Knowledge means understanding the nature of objects as they are. Ignorance is a part of prakṛti and its main nature is to oppose and cover that knowledge. Tama guṇa is produced from that ignorance and thus produces opposite knowledge for all souls. Tamas binds the jīva by its effects – carelessness, laziness and sleep. Carelessness is the tendency to perform actions which should not be done, and is opposed to illumination or knowledge, which is the effect of sattva. Laziness is opposed to action, the effect of rajas. Sleep, faintness of consciousness, is opposed to both rajas and sattva.