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BG Chap 15 - Kṛṣṇa maintains the the jīvas - by supplying knowledge

Just as Kṛṣṇa is the fire in the stomach, He is also situated in the hearts of all living moving and non moving beings as the principle of intelligence. He enters as the regulator into the hearts of all living beings as the regulator – for bringing about the knowledge necessary for performing all their actions. From Him in the form of intelligence, there is remembrance of sensations from objects previously perceived, to connect the senses with the sense objects, and from Him alone comes the removal of both knowledge and memory. If one were to remember each occurrence, especially his unlimited miseries, throughout his unlimited births, he would be unable to function. The living entity forgets as soon as he quits his present body, but he begins his work again, initiated by the Supreme Lord. Although he forgets, the Lord gives him the intelligence to renew his work where he ended his last life. So not only does a living entity enjoy or suffer in this world according to the dictation from the Supreme Lord situated locally in the heart, but he receives the opportunity to understand the Vedas from Him.