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BG Chap 16 - The conduct of the demons in pursuit of wealth

The demons think that they had obtained so much wealth such as animals and children by the strength of their intelligence. They think that by their strength they would obtain other objects that are dear to their mind. They consider that the wealth they had obtained by their strength belongs to them, and that next year the wealth they long for would also become theirs. They do not acknowledge that it is by karma or the mercy of the Lord that they acquire these things. They are proud of their strength thinking that they had got rid of the enemy by their superior strength. They would kill other enemies also themselves. None except them should live. Even though some say that the will of the Lord and fate are the causes of victory, they think that they are fully independent and hence they alone are the cause for all their enjoyment. They say that if someone imagines there is a God, let that person accept them as God.

The demons say that they are wealthy thru their own efforts, and that they come from a good family. They think that no one is equal to them, and that by their own strength, they would associate with heavenly women and defile them. They say they would perform sacrifices, give charity and rejoice. Thus being bewildered by ignorance, they consider themselves as God.