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BG Chap 17 - Arjuna's question on faith

Those who study the Vedas, and undertake activities with faith in the scriptures, are called devas. Those who ignore the scriptures and act as they please are asuras. This was explained by Kṛṣṇa in Chapter sixteen. Now Arjuna wanted to know in what position are those who give up the rules of scripture – due to lack of diligence - even though having read and understood them, and worship the demigods or other beings with faith generated thru popular usage. Are those who create some sort of God by selecting a human being and placing their faith in him worshiping in goodness, passion or ignorance? Do such persons attain the perfectional stage of life? What is the basis of those who though give up the rules of scripture, but perform with faith tapa yajña, jñāna yajña or japa yajña, without desire for sense objects? Is their worship in sattva, rajas or tamas? These are the doubts in Arjuna’s mind.