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BG Chap 17 - The nature of faith

The faith of the embodied beings is of three types arising from their previous impressions or one’s particular state of being (svabhāva). That faith has the nature of sattva, rajas or tamas. That faith by which one worships the devas or other beings while giving up the rules of scripture because of laziness, ignorance, attraction, repulsion, egotism or tenacity should be understood to arise from virtuous and sinful impressions from previous lives. Souls, in contact with the three modes of material nature, continue to take repeated births without a starting point in this unrelenting material world according to these impressions. The faith of these embodied beings is of three types, arising from the states of goodness, passion and ignorance. They do not have the spiritual intelligence arising from scripture – taught by devotees – which will allow them to change those impressions. Therefore, three types of faith appear due to those impressions. Faith born thru scriptures brings about performance of actions only according to scriptural directions, and not according to svabhāva.