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BG Chap 18 - Attaining Brahman, the final stage of jñana

Having worshipped Lord Hari by one’s actions, and consequently renouncing all actions, one attains the level of Brahman, in which one mediates on the ātmā. That person who is endowed with sāttvika intelligence, with mind controlled by sāttvika determination making it suitable for samādhi; who has given up the objects of sense gratification; who is free from attachment and repulsion; who resorts to solitude, eats little, and controls speech, body and mind; who is completely absorbed in contemplating the Lord; who is detached, free from false ego; devoid of strength related to material attachment; devoid of pride; free from lust and hankering for enjoyable items, which have been taken away by the force of finished prārabdha karmas; free from anger when one’s possessions are stolen by others; and free from possessiveness – that person, free from worldly connections, realizes ātmā, which is the brahma-bhūta stage, and is situated in peace. When one is completely free from false ego, he becomes nonattached to all material things, and that is the stage of self realization of Brahman. Viśvanātha says that in jñana sannyāsa, there is giving up jñana along with ignorance. Without the cessation of both ignorance and knowledge, there can be no attainment of Brahman.