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BG Chap 18 - Intelligence in the mode of goodness

Having spoken about knowledge, the object of knowledge (which is work), and the knower in three modes, Kṛṣṇa next speaks about intelligence, which is related to knowledge; determination, which is related to action; and happiness, which is the goal of all actions, in three modes.

The intelligence that understands the difference between dharma and adharma, what should be done and what should not be done, what is to be feared and not feared, and the difference between bondage and liberation is in the mode of goodness. That intelligence knows that niṣkāma karma should be performed and sakāma karma should not be performed. It fears doing what is prohibited by the scriptures, and does not fear doing what is prescribed in the scriptures. It knows the nature of saṁsāra and what destroys it.