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BG Chap 18 - Knowledge in the mode of passion

That knowledge by which one accepts various opinions about the soul and thinks there is a different soul in each successive body is in the mode of passion. In this case, one sees a different soul assuming successive forms of deva, man and other creatures. In other words the person thinks that the jīva is destroyed with the destruction of each body. Also thru knowledge in rajo guṇa, a person accepts various types of opinions: the body is the soul (Lokāyata); the soul is different from the body but the same size as the body (Jain); the ātmā is just momentary knowledge (Buddhist); the ātmā is God, consisting of eternal knowledge and nothing else (Māyāvāda); the ātmā, different from the body, is a conscious, all pervasive entity giving shelter to various qualities (Nyāya).