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BG Chap 7 - The living entities bewilderment and release from māyā

At the beginning of the creation of this universe, all the jīvas become bewildered by desire for objects favorable to the senses, and hatred for things which obstruct the pleasure of the senses. All living beings are born into delusion, bewildered by dualities arising from desire and hate. They are bewildered by the illusions of dualities concerning respect and disrespect, happiness and distress, and woman and man. Due to desire and hate, the ignorant person wants to become one with the Supreme Lord and envies Kṛṣṇa as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The bewilderment arises in the current life by impressions of attachment and hatred which existed in the previous lives. Thus one who knows the Lord is very rare.

Who would qualify for bhakti if every living being is born into delusion? Those who have destroyed their sins thru the fortunate, merciful glance of the great souls, those who have performed pleasing actions which gained the mercy of the great souls, worship the Lord. Such people develop a predominance of sattva-guṇa and diminished tamo-guṇa. The result is decrease in illusion. Then by associating with devotees, they become completely free of sins by worship of the Lord. They become steady in their worship, having attained true knowledge. The servants of Viṣṇu wander about in the world in order to purify the living entities. Pious persons are qualified to take to devotional service because their piety attracts a pure devotee’s mercy. Thus one should not consider puṇya-karma to be the cause of bhakti, but association of devotees alone is the cause. Puṇya-karmas are dependent on kevala-bhakti and here the word ‘puṇya’ means pleasing.