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BG Chap 9 - The inconceivable powers of the Lord

The remarkable powers stimulate devotion to Him. This knowledge is required by devotees who are in dāsya bhakti. Kṛṣṇa says that He pervades the whole universe by His unmanifested form. All beings are in Him, as He is the cause, but He is not in them, since He is completely detached. The universe is pervaded by the Lord, whose svarūpa cannot be grasped by the material senses. All moving and non moving entities are within Him because their existence depends on Him. But the Lord is not situated in all of these living entities because He is not dependent on them. Thru His expansion as the Paramātmā, rather than personally, Kṛṣṇa enters within the universe and controls and supports it. The material world rests on His energy, but He is aloof. Just as the sunshine is spread all over the universe, the energy of the Lord is spread all over the creation, and everything is resting in that energy. Yet one should not conclude that because He is spread all over He has lost His personal existence. To refute such an argument the Lord says, "I am everywhere, and everything is in me, but still I am aloof." He is the source of the material world, and He maintains it, but He does not directly associate with it. He is free from material nature, but material nature is not free from Him. This is knowledge of Kṛṣṇa’s inconceivable opulent potency – all matter rests upon Him yet He remains aloof.