Case Study - Dhukhi aatma das

Dukhi atma dasa and his family are good standing devotees since twenty five years. You have known the family since the last ten years that you came to Krishna consciousness.

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hare krishna i need immedeitely help plz help my life iwant serve iskon temple but i m middile class family

Simply contact your local

Simply contact your local temple and talk with devotees there.

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IMHO, this Dukhi AtmA DAsa in the case study should first and formost try to connect with KRshNa! Otherwise he is missing the whole point.

Many times devotees try to be good with other devotees, try to follow Guru's instructions, etc. This "try to" is, for some, not all, like climbing the mountain huff and puff, or swimming againts the flow of the river.

All this "trying" goes out of the window, and is replaced by purposeful, meaningful tasteful bhajan, once the devotee seriously connects with KRshNa, the ONLY surhud (friend and well-wisher), sakhA (dear One), pitAmaha (grandfather) .... you know..., He says so in the Bhagavad Gita. (prANanAtha)

What is stopping them? KRshNa is waiting for them to just turn around.

If they really have a real relationship with KRshNa , and not a ["KRshNa, yeah, He is God (but He is not more important to me than people in the world)"] kind of barebone acknowledgement, then dukhi will turn into sukhi by the mercy of Guru Radha KRshNa Gauranga and VaishNava - just as Mahaprabhu renamed the servant Dukhi to Sukhi.

The reason is, everything they do, each sankalpa, each endeavour, is in relation to this relationship. This line I very much like, and I quote : "Attachment to KRshNa brings detachment from the world." Not just detachment, KRshNa the natkhat chit-chor will steal all attachments (Asakti) away one by one by one and finally bring on vairAgya (dispassion) -- at some point, eventually.


om namo bhagavate vAsudevAya