Chanting 16 rounds a day cured my depression and insomnia

Of course, I am still just a stupid ignorant fool but at least this fool is chanting 16 rounds a day now. I'm happy and I'm sleeping well at night.

start with a small target say 4 rounds

Read watch and listen & talk about Krishna,chant ,start chanting with small target say 4 or 2 rounds at a time gradually increase when you enjoy . Doing this one thing will slowly change ones life, for he will experience God's grace.
I feel less anxious now.positive thoughts.
Hari bol hare Krishna.

i think thats amazing, i only

i think thats amazing, i only do 1 round a day and i sometimes struggle to do that, and i have no excuse not too, how long does it take to do 16 rounds.

Should be up to 2 hours. Hari

Should be up to 2 hours.

Hari Hari
ys Jan

That's good

That is very good news :)
The crazy mind has finally found the happiness it was looking for.
Haribol haribol !