Dealing with offensive people

As such there is no direct solution to what I am asking, I still just felt like blowing out some whistles.

I don't know why so many people are against ISKCON. ISKCON is contributing so much in vrindavan area, distributing food and so many things.

I occasionally go to vrindavana and it is always a trouble with my parents who do not want me to go there even though I just go occasionally.

I don't chant at my home because it might make my parents unhappy. so i chant at local temple nearby.

Today, the priest at local temple starting asking 100 questions like why i am chanting while walking, why i am chanting at all, where did i learn this. I first wanted to avoid him but when he was asking many then i said okay i go to iskcon temple .

then he said you should go to banke bihari temple in vrindavana. That is the "real" temple. ISKCON is "just like that" built by the english. Many of these local priests are like that - racist .

Devotees in white bodies (those dancing white elephants) especially living in vrindavana, India should be very careful of people like these. Many of these local priests are just like that even though they might outwardly appear favourable - racist people.

Matajis, please cover your self very nicely . I have heard local people complaining about mothers in white bodies especially and especially those who are young. I suggest matajis can cover their face with a ghoonghat as described here ( ). It is very painful to hear those local people talk about women in our movement like this but so many people talk like that so it is hard to hard to fight with all.

I guess ghoonghat is a very good idea to save oneself from lust of other people. It is contaminating.

I am a neophyte devotee expressing my views. Sorry, if i said something wrong or something too much.

Best wishes to all devotees on journey back home.

Jai Shri Krishna!