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Eating food without offering it to Krishna

I am living in US and I'm a new devotee. With a non-vegetarian family and no altar or prayer room in my house, I couldn't prepare food for the Lord eventhough I prepare pure vegetarian food without onion and garlic. Every time I eat, I feel so bad and guilty because I'm eating food without offering to Krishna. Is there anything I can do before eating without serving the Lord? Is there any other way like reciting a mantra or something?

I need help. Please reply ASAP.

Offering food

Hare Krishna.

Krishna says in Bhagavad gita that whatever one offers in devotion is accepted by Him. So Krishna accepts the devotion, which is made clear by the use of the word 'bhakti' twice in the verse (9.26). So if you do not have an altar or prayer room that should not matter. The very fact that you are feeling bad itself is proof of your sincerity to please Krishna.

You can chant the mantras for offering in your mind or aloud as per your situation and request Krishna to accept the offering, or you can simply chant the Hare Krishna mantra. Then you can honor prasadam.

Radhikesh das