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75 247 4 weeks 1 day ago
by brainacid
In all our lives we come across those difficult questions for which we just need to get an answer in order to resolve some spiritual issue we are having. Here is your chance to ask.
22 70 21 hours 21 min ago
by srivathsa
Share your personal experiences in Krishna consciousness. Tell us about your realizations, even the small ones are beneficial to hear about from each other. What experiences have you had lately? We all experience interesting things, as we progress in Krishna consciousness, please share and discuss yours.
27 99 9 weeks 3 days ago
by Krushnali
This is a forum dedicated to helping devotees succeed. We can discuss ideas, share stories, connect, help each other, etc.
31 104 14 weeks 2 days ago
by vrinda1
Please share with us how you came about to find Krishna, or how Krishna came about to find you. You can also add your story or this link to your profiles to spice it up.
4 9 2 years 50 weeks ago
by Jan@VEDA
My name is Antony. I hang around here a lot. How are you going. What Krishna conscious things are you getting into.
24 80 8 weeks 1 day ago
by Radhikesh