Got Service?

I am a single woman in Mesa Arizona USA who is rather new to this philosophy, but I'm egarly trying.
At this time I am travling and I think I'm ready to try and emerce myself in the life style of service to God ,completly .
I am looking for a space in an ashrama type situation or a work in exchange for service .
Here they have no real live in ashrama for women at this time so I'm ready to move on. ..I'm willing to travel to you.
I am very sincere and enthusiastic about service.

Please drop me an email with info including a telephone number.

Thank you so kindly.


What about Tucson restaurant?
You can contact our temples and ask if they have a woman asram. The larger the temple, the bigger the chance. So I'd start from Spanish Fork,UT, Dallas,TX, Los Angeles, etc.

Hope this helps.
Hari Hari
ys Jan