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hare krishna

dandawat pranam to all visitors of this forum topic
My name is GRRAO, from INDIA and a devotee ofthe Lord. Though born in Madhava community yet it was only because of devotee association i could reach so far. that i could search in google the word krishna and slowly understand the reach of ISKCON and Lord mighty reach i just couldfathom while remaining in this material world. If this the power of Krishna external energy i am witnessing then what about HIS INTERNAL POTENCY the Spiritual world. Ihave no word to say but just surrender to Lord Krishna and SRILA PRABHUPAD whose Mercy made my today and that we are all connected.
Just imagine the powerof internet and i am in material world i would be chatting in some live chat room with some humanbeings talking about senses world enjoying and whiling awY my time and money in material things and ideas.
This topic is DIVINE and i know all readers will connect me to the WORLD OF SPIRITUALITY even though u may be in in other countries or parts of India.
I have some benefit for having born in a brahmin family but the true knowledge we get only through sustained preaching as done in Iskcon by so many devotees.
I pray the Lord give me the strength to be of service to mankind in my own little way and resources. I am connected to CBD BELAPUR CONGREGATION AND ISKCON CHOWPATHY MUMBAI. THANKS FOR READING ME OUT IT IS OUT OF LORD PLEASURE I AM DOING THIS