hello from newbie in Queensland

have been reading about Krishna consciousness for several months, and am getting serious about chanting. am reading bhagavad gita as it is, and am loving it. hoping to find some comraderie and friendship here. also looking to learn, as I am as green as grass. thanks to everyone.



Hari Hari Ralphus,
welcome here and feel free to ask. Not much activity here though.
ys Jan

thank you for your reply! I

thank you for your reply! I guess my first question is, I am coming to the doctrine a bit late in life, im 45, and married. Is it possible to achieve in Krishna Consciousness and remain married? I live about six hours from the nearest Temple (Brisbane), and I know of no one like-minded in my area, feels a bit isolated.

Sure, KC isn't limited by

Sure, KC isn't limited by anything material, social status included. But every situation presents specific advantages and disadvantages in regard to KC development. In family life the most important thing is the opinion of one's partner and other family members about KC. They may be positive, neutral or negative and that decides the following steps.

This isolation is experienced by many aspiring devotees. Please ask Brisbane devotees to put you in touch with some full-time devotees or congregational members living closer to you.

Hari Hari
ys Jan

thank you again for your

thank you again for your responses. as far as my children, who are grown and live on their own, they are somewhat positive. my wife, on the other hand is very negative, quite opposed. this will not deter me, but it does make things difficult and less enjoyable.

I see. You should try to make

I see. You should try to make her at least neutral, respecting your decision to follow spiritual life. For that you'll need to find out what exactly is she against - 1. specifically KC, 2. 'hinduism' or 3. spirituality as such (i.e. atheism) - and why. She may be just afraid of losing you as a partner too. In that case make her known that correctly understood and practiced KC is gonna improve your relationship, not the other way.

You can use introductory material from my website veda.harekrsna.cz and ask local devotees for help. All this should be accompanied by prayers to Krsna on her behalf so that she gets necessary sukriti to change her mind for the better. This is very powerful.

All the best.
Hari Hari
ys Jan