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Help on bhakti yoga, stitapragnaha

Hare Krishna I am Rupesh from India. I have lot of bad habits and so I have lost a lost in my life and still facing a lot of problems. The only good habit which I have is my faith on god.

Up to now I visited only temple's but I have never read sacred books and fortunately I started reading prabhupadha books.

In Bhagavadgita lord Krishna said to achieve "stitapragnaha" and perform bhakti yoga.

Can anyone of you suggest a book on bhakti yoga and how to achieve stitapragnaha possibly in Telugu language. I think that bhakti yoga book contains rules and regulations to perform bhakti yoga purely.

From the past one I am reading prabhupadha books and following his teachings. Please try to suggest your own.



is a bhakti sastra, one of the main ones. But you can start with Nectar of Instruction and later read Nectar of Devotion. All of them give rules. But important is to do everything with devotion to Krsna and offer one's results of work to Him. And even more important is to serve Vaisnavas.

Hari Hari
ys Jan

Help on bhakti yoga, stitapragnaha

Thanks prabhuji but I would feel more happy if naradha bhakti sutra is available in Telugu.

Prabhuji can you suggest any book on how to achieve stitapragnaha even in English language.

the 5

As I said, it's more about attitude than rules (they're a support only). Focus on the five most potent bhakti activities and you'll be successful.

Hari Hari
ys Jan