help clear the doubt.

Recently i was reading Bhagvad Gita when i came across a sentence in 2.20 saying : " to kill someone's body without permission is punishable (kunachyahi sharirachi adhikaaravina hatya karne nindaniya ahe ) ".
I am confused with the word " permission ". Can someone please elaborate more on this and clear my confusion ..

Thanking you in advance.
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Are you talking about Hindi BGAII? I don't see anything similar to it in English BGAII 2.20p. but BG 2.19p. says: "Killing the body of anyone without authority is abominable and is punishable by the law of the state as well as by the law of the Lord."
"Without permission" and "without authority" are two different things. Does adhikara in Hindi really mean "permission"? In Sanskrit it primarily means "qualification". So authority/qualification here refers to a ksatriya defending dharma, like Arjuna.

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help clear doubt.

Thank you jan@VEDA for you help.
i am reading BG in marathi.And in marathi adhikaar means authority or right.
and earlier i understood it as one having authority to kill someone's body is not punishable and got confused with a person "buying" a chicken and having authority to kill and consume it.


By buying chicken you have mundane legal authority to kill it but you will still get karma because that's the result of killing against dharma. Otoh, ksatriya killing criminals gets no karma since he acts acc to his dharma.

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