How powerful is the Hare Krishna Mantra and for what purposes can we use it?

I want joy and bliss in life.That's all.I have realized that when one is in a Happy Mood,even if he is on a road,life is a Palace for him.I want this Kind of Bliss.In short,I want to feel a taste(no matter how small) of Moksha in this life.Can Krishna Mantra give me?

Mahamantra is all-powerful,

Mahamantra is all-powerful, as Sri Caitanya says. But the result depends on the fidelity of our reproduction, technically speaking.
As far as various stages of chanting are concerned, nama aparadha gives material gain, namabhasa gives moksa and suddha nama gives Radha-Krsna prema, the highest attainable goal.

Hari Hari
ys Jan

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