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I am in a dilemma

I am a teenager and I am the only person who prays Krishna at home. I have been eating pure lacto-vegetarian food, avoiding all those onions and garlic as well as tea and coffee for more that a year. My mother is preparing vegetarian food for me, but, I have realized that it isn't right to eat food before serving Krishna. I don't have proper things like special plates to serve food for Krishna. I know it is really wrong and my situation at home is really unsatisfying.

My father on the other hands objects me to the end of the idea of myself turning into a vegetarian. He doesn't likes my mom and I speaking about Krishna and things related.

There is a food relief centre conducted by some ISKCON members in my neighborhood and they are having classes to teach youngsters about Krishna. They often have it and I know I can go there weekly once but, my path is permanently blocked. My father is anti about Krishna and I don't understand why.

I have relatives who are practicing Hare Krishnas.

I really want to serve the Lord. I really want to put on a tilak and be a legit Hare Krishna.

I wish and hope to get some advice to solve my difficulties at home and in my life.

Tell Relatives

Have you told your relatives who are Krishna conscious about your problem? Maybe they can help.


Just a quick thought: What about asking your relatives to talk to your father?
Pray to the Lord for help.

All the best. Hari Hari
ys Jan